My Hue, dpHue…



Like any other fashionista out there, I love having a little change to my look to spice things up a bit.  Especially when it comes to my hair.  Just last week I had drinks with a friend and she goes – I swear, you have new hair every time I see you and I love it!!  I certainly do enjoy spicing things up a bit, fairly often.  I had taken a long break from changing up my hue for a year or so because every time I would get it cut my color looked fresh and new.  Well, I started getting antsy to change it up and then I was the lucky winner of a giveaway at Ruby Girl sponsored by dpHue.  It is such a fabulous concept.  You go in (no appointment needed, mind you – my kind of place) and take a few minutes to discuss your hair, desired color, etc.  Then, you are given a custom color combination just for you and a tutorial on how to apply it to yourself at home.  It is so simple and easy – and the quality is fabulous.  The product is made in Italy, and they know quality, especially when it comes to hair.  It is a local concept here in the Minneapolis area, but I highly recommend it to anyone here!

photo (8)


photo (9)


I’m loving having dark, dark hair again – whoever says blondes have more fun has never had black hair, just sayin…

Do you dye your hair?  How far will you venture from your natural color?  Or do you even remember what your natural color is??

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