Five Loves…



Classy meets casual – now that is my kind of summer uniform for the office.  I love the simplicity of this ensemble.



Charleston, SC – one of my favorite cities to visit in the US.  Sadly, I don’t think I will make it there this summer – but for almost seven years straight I would make sure to at least get a day trip to this lovely city once a year.  So much history.  So much beauty and good foods.



I love rings.  I love gold.  I love the symbolisim of knots.  So, basically this is the perfect ring and I adore it.



A carefree moment where you can let go and laugh – even if it means you are laying on the ground laughing – now those are some of my favorite moments with my girlfriends.



The perfect weekend uniform.  I have a hat almost identical to this and I could live in it.  I love wearing it to keep the sun off my face as I stroll through the local Farmers’ Market.

What are you doing to enjoy the sunshine?  Do you shop the local Farmers’ Markets?

Much love,


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