I am loving this electronic pop band, Chvrches.  This song is called The Mother We Share and is one of their 2012 singles.  Earlier this year, in March, they released their EP Recover and are planning on releasing a LP later this year.  They are coming to Minneapolis this weekend and playing the Fine Line, with tickets still available I might add.  I am actually planning on buying my ticket at the door, unless I can make it to the Electric Fetus sooner to avoid annoying ticket fees.  Live music is always fabulous in my book, but I think this band will especially put on a great show.  Plus, I love the lead singer – she is so cute and has amazing eye make-up.  I highly recommend checking them out, and if you get a chance go to the show because tickets are totally affordable.  If you listen to any of their live recordings, like the one above, you will be able to see that they truly are talented.

Do you ever go to shows where you do not know the band super well?  Whose the best band or artist you ever discovered this way?

Much love,


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