Color Me Teal…



The color teal.  It is bold and bright.  Never thought it would be the one to steal my love away, but it has.  I am full blown head over heals for this color.  I love how it looks on everyone – no matter your skin tone or hair color, this color makes a woman pop.  Who knew?!  It started as my accent color in my kitchen and before I knew it, I found myself drawn to it every time I am out shopping.  It looks good in so many fabrics, as well, which means it can be a fabulous color to wear for the office or on a walk around the lakes – and I would know, as I have pieces I have worn in the last week to both of those places.  It is safe to say, this is certainly my color of the summer.





Does teal work with your summer style?  What is your color of the summer?

Much love,


3 thoughts on “Color Me Teal…

  1. It is pretty, and it goes with Spring`s minty color trend, so you can incorporate some of those finds into your outfit. Because no one has the money to buy a whole new wardrobe each season, every year. Well, I don`t at least!

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