I absolutely love this song.  Every time I hear it come on the radio I turn it up nice and loud and make sure to have the windows rolled down (well, at least when I am in my car – at the office when it comes on the excitement is a little more contained).  This pretty little lady is named Serena Ryder.  She is beautiful and all around amazing.  This song, Stompa, has an irresistible beat, boisterous emotions and bursts of scant singing – it is all around fabulous.  She is the winner of the Juno Best New Artist honors – and the more I listen to her, I totally understand why.  The gal has got a gift!

What music has you rolling down your windows and singing along at the top of your lungs?

Much love,


Strap Happy…



This summer is all about the strappy heel.  A sexy, sleek, minimal look for every woman.  These fabulous sandals do not  have to be paired with a cute little dress, though that is always a great option.  They also look adorable with cuffed jeans and a flowy top.  They transform that casual day look to an evening look in moments.  The only thing you need to make sure with these stunning little shoes is make sure you give yourself a pedicure.  Take the few minutes to put a fun color on your toes – no need to do anything crazy if that is not your style, but you should put something on them.  It will make the strappy sandal look that much more fabulous on your feet!







Do you have a pair of sexy strappy sandals for summer?  Do you ever throw them on with jeans?  Or just style them with dresses?

Much love,


Wanderlust in Style…



I am not sure what exactly it is – it may be finishing a huge accomplishment in my life or the warm weather or simply my love of adventure – either way I have a bad case of wanderlust.  I would like to pack a suitcase and start traveling.  I need to get back to Colorado and would also love to get out to the West Coast and do a full tour – from Seattle to Portland to San Fran and down to SoCal for some warm sun.  From there, I would like my travels to take me to India and Indonesia.  Basically – I want to go to the lands of the free spirits and warmth.  The fashion would be simple, beautiful and free – just how I want to be.







Where is your wanderlust taking you these days?

Much love,


Show a Little Back…



On Saturday, I went shopping with my yogi gals.  One of the cutest trends that I was loving is an open back – even if it was just slight.  It is a look that is sexy and modest at the same time – I absolutely love that.  I am not one that loves low cut shirts, I don’t feel covered enough – but an open back I can do and feel confident.  I personally need to wear a bra, so I am a huge fan of throwing a little lace bralette under the fun flowy open back shirts.  Perfect for a summer day or evening look – especially if headed to an outdoor music festival.







Do you have any backless dresses?  Do you go braless?  or rock the Carrie Bradshaw look and confidently allow your bra to show?

Much love,


It’s a Process…



If you have ever spend any time doing online dating, you would know how funny this is – and mainly because it is oh so true.  It certainly is a process, but it is a process that comes along with a lot of funny stories to share with the ladies back at the office.

Have you ever done online dating?  Any good stories?  Any happy endings?

Much love,


Five Loves…



How hott is this look?!  Yesterday I may have been wondering if I would dare with white pants, but she’s got me thinking it can look good – real good.



There is something about this image that I absolutely love.  I love the look.  I love the sitting down in public, not caring about what she could be laying in because she simple needs a break – we all have been there, just maybe all haven’t laid down on the steps.



Stack those rings.  Don’t mind if I do.  I can never seem to have enough rings on my fingers – love the way it looks.



The perfect look to run off to brunch without having to take too much time getting ready?!  Yes, yes it is.  This is totally one of my Saturday morning go-to’s.



This is my other Saturday morning go-to.  Coffee and a good book in bed – I absolutely love a slow Saturday morning.

What is your favorite Saturday morning treat?  Can you tell I am excited it is the weekend?

Much love,


Do You Dare {White Jeans}?!!

white jean1

I love the look of a good clean pair of white jeans.  And so does everyone else these days it seems – or enough that it is certainly going to be a trend this summer.  The only thing is, white is not the most flattering color when it comes to pants and how the heck do you keep them clean?!  So, I was thinking, do I dare try this trend?!  Those thighs – no one wants to call attention to that area…but then I realized, isn’t this the same exact fear we all had years ago when skinnies came back on the radar?!  And now look at us, we are rocking those skinnies like it is our job.  So, I say no need to stress over the thighs and enjoy the trend if you like it.  Plus, it at least gives us an excuse to go shopping – but make sure to not splurge on the purchase unless you are certain you will wear them all the time.

white jean2

white jean3

white jean4


So, lovies, will you be embracing the white jean trend?  Do you dare?  How would you style them?

Much love,



Nothing I Can Do…

This stunning duo is from down under.  I cannot get enough of Joseph & Maia.  They have such a great sound.  They currently have an EP out, but hopefully they will release more sound.  And I really hope they will fly to this side of the world so I can get the chance to see them live – because I think they would put on an amazing show!  Go check them out at their website or Facebook to hear more by them.  At least listen to Nothing I Can Do – you will not be disappointed.

Do you like their sound?  What else are you liking as of late?

Much love,


Just a Little Tie…


The trend is everywhere – the elastic hair tie with a little style added.  You can find these little gems in any color your heart desires, add a little sparkle to your pony tail at the office when you mean business – and when you take the hair down, it is a lot cuter on your wrist than a plain elastic hair tie.  I am one of those gals that cannot leave home without a least one hair tie – typically on my wrist.  Now, I love arm candy, but I do not love the look of black boring hair ties on my wrist, so this lovely trend is perfect for me.  I just make sure to select a color for the day that works with my outfit.  I tend to start the day with my hair down, but by the end of the day it is typically up – it is my sign to colleagues that I mean business at the office.  It can get pricy to buy them in every color, but the best part is they are super simple to DIY – no need to be little miss crafty to make these babies.


Have you jumped on the trendy soft elastic hair tie trend?  Are you more a fan of the plain or sparkles?

Much love,


PS.  Minted doesn’t just have a fabulous blog – they have all sorts of other fun stuff.  For example, look at all these beautiful wedding invitations!!