Caught In a Life…

having friends that have good taste in music is pretty much a must in my life.  Not every single one of my friends I can sit around and talk music with, but the ones I can I seriously am so thankful for.  They open me up to new artists and groups all the time that I wouldn’t have found on my own – and then I get to share my findings with them.  It is a beautiful, beautiful thing.  That is what happened with (please disregard the band name) Donkeyboy.  I am loving their album Caught In a Life, especially this first track off the album, Stereolife.  This is a little taste of Danish pop that is all the rave in Norway – they are up for some great awards, and I can see why – they mixing of these beats is fabulous.

How do you experience and discover new music?

Much love,


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