Strap Happy…



This summer is all about the strappy heel.  A sexy, sleek, minimal look for every woman.  These fabulous sandals do not  have to be paired with a cute little dress, though that is always a great option.  They also look adorable with cuffed jeans and a flowy top.  They transform that casual day look to an evening look in moments.  The only thing you need to make sure with these stunning little shoes is make sure you give yourself a pedicure.  Take the few minutes to put a fun color on your toes – no need to do anything crazy if that is not your style, but you should put something on them.  It will make the strappy sandal look that much more fabulous on your feet!







Do you have a pair of sexy strappy sandals for summer?  Do you ever throw them on with jeans?  Or just style them with dresses?

Much love,


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