Show a Little Back…



On Saturday, I went shopping with my yogi gals.  One of the cutest trends that I was loving is an open back – even if it was just slight.  It is a look that is sexy and modest at the same time – I absolutely love that.  I am not one that loves low cut shirts, I don’t feel covered enough – but an open back I can do and feel confident.  I personally need to wear a bra, so I am a huge fan of throwing a little lace bralette under the fun flowy open back shirts.  Perfect for a summer day or evening look – especially if headed to an outdoor music festival.







Do you have any backless dresses?  Do you go braless?  or rock the Carrie Bradshaw look and confidently allow your bra to show?

Much love,


4 thoughts on “Show a Little Back…

  1. Backless anything has been my favorite for so long!! I love a little bralette for flowy tanks and more casual pieces, but for some dresses I’ll put on a stick on bra. They work wonders and don’t show! Of course, Carrie’s way is easier, and sometimes more fun 🙂

    ❤ Josephine

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