Five Loves…



How hott is this look?!  Yesterday I may have been wondering if I would dare with white pants, but she’s got me thinking it can look good – real good.



There is something about this image that I absolutely love.  I love the look.  I love the sitting down in public, not caring about what she could be laying in because she simple needs a break – we all have been there, just maybe all haven’t laid down on the steps.



Stack those rings.  Don’t mind if I do.  I can never seem to have enough rings on my fingers – love the way it looks.



The perfect look to run off to brunch without having to take too much time getting ready?!  Yes, yes it is.  This is totally one of my Saturday morning go-to’s.



This is my other Saturday morning go-to.  Coffee and a good book in bed – I absolutely love a slow Saturday morning.

What is your favorite Saturday morning treat?  Can you tell I am excited it is the weekend?

Much love,


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