Do You Dare {White Jeans}?!!

white jean1

I love the look of a good clean pair of white jeans.  And so does everyone else these days it seems – or enough that it is certainly going to be a trend this summer.  The only thing is, white is not the most flattering color when it comes to pants and how the heck do you keep them clean?!  So, I was thinking, do I dare try this trend?!  Those thighs – no one wants to call attention to that area…but then I realized, isn’t this the same exact fear we all had years ago when skinnies came back on the radar?!  And now look at us, we are rocking those skinnies like it is our job.  So, I say no need to stress over the thighs and enjoy the trend if you like it.  Plus, it at least gives us an excuse to go shopping – but make sure to not splurge on the purchase unless you are certain you will wear them all the time.

white jean2

white jean3

white jean4


So, lovies, will you be embracing the white jean trend?  Do you dare?  How would you style them?

Much love,



4 thoughts on “Do You Dare {White Jeans}?!!

  1. Yesss white jeans are so great for the warmer months! I posted a few posts of me wearing them. They are pretty slimming when worn correctly (;

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