Just a Little Tie…


The trend is everywhere – the elastic hair tie with a little style added.  You can find these little gems in any color your heart desires, add a little sparkle to your pony tail at the office when you mean business – and when you take the hair down, it is a lot cuter on your wrist than a plain elastic hair tie.  I am one of those gals that cannot leave home without a least one hair tie – typically on my wrist.  Now, I love arm candy, but I do not love the look of black boring hair ties on my wrist, so this lovely trend is perfect for me.  I just make sure to select a color for the day that works with my outfit.  I tend to start the day with my hair down, but by the end of the day it is typically up – it is my sign to colleagues that I mean business at the office.  It can get pricy to buy them in every color, but the best part is they are super simple to DIY – no need to be little miss crafty to make these babies.


Have you jumped on the trendy soft elastic hair tie trend?  Are you more a fan of the plain or sparkles?

Much love,


PS.  Minted doesn’t just have a fabulous blog – they have all sorts of other fun stuff.  For example, look at all these beautiful wedding invitations!!

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