Five Loves…



This is the perfect combination of cozy and professional – this is totally doable for the office.  Perfect for summer at the office and then transition to the local rooftop.



Wind blown hair.  Stripes.  Soft coral lips.  And fresh flowers.  Now, put those all together and you have a lovely lady on a warm spring day.



A chambray shirt to through over everything in the spring and summer nights is my favorite go to look.



Casual Friday.  Pretty much the perfect way to take on a Friday at the office – that is if you can wear jeans.

Andreea Diaconu for Club Monaco (Spring 2013) photo shoot


A busy woman may always be on the go, but that does not mean she sacrifices fashion.  And a look is always made more fun when topped off with a hat – a gal can never have too many hats and sunshine in my book.

Does your style change up at the office with the weather getting warmer?  What is your favorite way to transition from the office to the patio?

Much love,


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