Time for Sunnies…



Bring on the sun, let it shine on down just make sure you don’t forget to grab your sunnies.  I love a good pair of sunglasses, or three or four to rotate between during the summer.  I mean, different pairs look better with different looks.  It is always good to have a more classic black or tortoise shell pair, but it can be fun to have a more out there pair, as well.  Sunglasses are a great way to express your personality and finish off your warm weather look.  So, go on out there, and don’t be afraid to buy a few cheap pairs because lets be honest, sunglasses are also the easiest accessory to break or misplace it seems.  Plus, cheaper pairs allows you to have a few pairs to work with as opposed to one really expensive pair, though I certainly do love those designer shades, too.  Currently I am on the hunt for the perfect, or shall I say purrfect, cat eye sunglasses – the perfect amount of sass for this gal.











What style of sunnies are you sporting these days?  Are you a one pair kind of gal or do you like to have a few to rotate between?

Much love,


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