Look…a Towel…



I saw this and busted out laughing.  Maybe it is because I have a kitten of my own that would totally be caught doing something this ridiculous, but seriously – how cute is that little kitty?!!  And how funny?!!  Love cats.  They are so chill and yet still so funny in their own way.

Are you a cat person?  Did you laugh?  You should, it’s Friday!

Much love,


Five Loves…



The perfect spring and summer hat.  I have been on the hunt for one very similar to this – and by on the hunt, I really mean looking at pictures since I have not really made time to go shopping.  I should do something about that.



It is almost blueberry season.  That basically means when I get anything in blueberry flavor that I can – it just tastes so good.  I love the rich color of blueish-purple that has the perfect amount of sweetness and bitterness that kiss perfectly.



How fun and beautiful are these long maxis?!  They scream spring easing into summer and needing to head to a music festival or stroll around the lakes…or maybe that last part is just my six-month cooped-up self is feeling – either way, I want one of these lovely dresses.



These shoes are amazing.  Paired with the super cute pink pants.  Hello spring, I love you and have missed you so is what this stunning combo is saying and I would like to second it – all of it.



I love every aspect of Samantha Hutchinson’s whole look here, but especially those pants.  May I please find a pair for my own and then pair them with a blazer and say it is okay for the office?!!  I totally think I could make that work…and if not, who cares?!  They are hot and would be perfect for an evening or weekend look .  Purchase justified?!  I think so.

Are you getting spring fever?  Is it spring for you yet?  Does spring fever ever translate into your closet getting a little face lift??  What is on the top of your spring shopping list?

Much love,


Wish I was There {Coachella}…



As a lover of music, especially live music, art and fashion, it is only natural to find myself daydreaming of being at Coachella, right?!!  I love the free spirit that this amazing festival seems to draw out of everyone.  The bohemian style that covers the grounds is beautiful.  Each person has his or her own look that comes together to create an amazing art piece at this one festival.  It is beautiful.  At least, from what the pictures can show.  I seriously need to start saving and planning so I can go next year.  I know whoever is playing I will enjoy, since the music that is also played at Coachella is totally my style.  I mean look at this year’s lineup – freaking amazing.  Now, join me in my daydream and look at some of these lovies…













Have you ever been to Coachella?  Or going for weekend two starting tomorrow?  Meet me there next year?

Much love,


The Great Divide…

Okay, you could say that I am somewhat of a music junkie.  You want to go see a show?  I am your go to girl so you are not alone.  Lucky for me, I live in a city that is full of all sorts of other music junkies and so there are always amazing shows happening here.  Last Saturday, I went to see Family of the Year and The Mowgli’s.  This was my second time getting to see Family of the Year, but my first time with The Mowgli’s.  I seriously fell in love during the show.  They were amazing performers, but more than that they were beautiful souls.  I could not get over their way of life – as it was so yogic.  It certainly was one of the best times I have ever had at a show and I got to share it with my bestie, so it couldn’t have been any better…oh, it could actually.  I also got to sing vocals on their song San Francisco, which totally caught me off guard, but I loved every moment of it (I totally wish I was a traveling musician getting to share beautiful music with other lovies).  Seriously, check this band out – and not just their music, but also their way of life.  Believe in love.  It is not dead.  So, go share it with others to help make this world a little bit better by one random act of kindness at a time.

What band or bands do you love and also love what they stand for?

Much love,


Lets Get to the Point…


I love a good heel.  It adds some height.  Lengthens out your leg.  And lets be honest, makes every lady look a little bit sexier.  So, naturally I am excited to see that not only is there a heel trending, but pointed heels are trending for this spring.  My favorite!  I have every style of heel, but my favorite is a pointed toe.  It means business.  It is sleek and chic.  It can be paired with a pair of jeans and a tee, and suddenly you have a more feminine chic look.  Love that.  It doesn’t have to be a sky high stiletto  either – lower heels with a pointed toe still look fabulous.  Plus, I love the sound they make when walking down the street or hallways – don’t get in the way of a lady with these heels on or you’ll be sorry.



Are you a heel wearer?  How do you feel about the pointed toe?  How would you make a pair work with your style?

Much love,





Normally, I am not one to love words on a shirt.  At least a shirt that is not a tee shirt supporting a team or something like that, though let’s be honest – that really is not my style either.  The one exception I make for words is when they are in French, but even then I never find myself purchasing the item – I more just give it a second look.  Until recently, I keep seeing this adorable Bonjour sweater and I am in love.  So much that if I had the chance, I would buy one for myself.  It is even chic enough with the stripes to wear with a skirt or slacks to the office – certainly not you teeny-bopper style from the 90’s.





How do you feel about words on your shirts?  What is your language of choice to wear?

Much love,


Lady Gray…



Every lady has a little black dress.  Why is this?  Because black is sexy and sleek and looks fabulous on everyone.  This spring, I think every lady should also have a gray maxi.  Every time I come across another lady in a gray maxi I find myself swooning and wanting one for my own.  I love the look and it is such a blank canvas that each person can add her own style to make the look her own.  The final look can be chic for a night out, classy for a day at the office, or casual to meander around the city.





Are you a fan of the maxi trend?  How about this take over of gray? How would you style it?

Much love,


When Life Knocks You Down…



That’s right, loves – don’t let the world knock you down and keep you down.  You’re strong.  And you will be even stronger when you get back up.  With that, loves, the week is done – it happened so let it be and enjoy the weekend.  I know I sure will!

Have any fun plans for the evening, lovies?

Much love,