Five Loves…









I love the layers.  I love that it is a touch of warmth with the shorts, but not fully a true summer breeze because there is a need for layers on top.


Fresh flowers added to the kitchen to add a touch of spring.  Love love love that – now spring, please really come and stay!


Being able to collapse on my bed after a long day, even still in my work clothes – love that moment.  Most relaxing moment of the day – such a great release.


I love this whole look, but especially that sweater.  I totally want one similar to this – especially the pattern.  It looks perfect to throw on over a look in place of a coat for a Saturday running errands and meeting up for brunch with the ladies.


This is the cutest outfit and I would like it so I can wear it to the office on Monday, great – thanks!  Now, if only it was that simple to get a new outfit…

What are your loves after this long week?  Was it a long week for anyone else??

Much love,




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