Dolled in Denim…



Now, denim is certainly a staple in most everyone’s closet, correct?!  At least a good pair of jeans.  It has lasted through the decades and is a look everyone can pull off.  However, denim does not always need to be on bottom.  In fact, it looks adorable as a top when paired with a cute spring print skirt – even a great look for the office.  Denim can also be paired on denim.  When the shades are complemented just right it looks fabulous, which happens to be one of my favorite trends raging as of late.  I seriously cannot get enough of this lovely fabric…







What is your favorite piece of denim in your closet?  Would you ever wear a denim top with a skirt to give it a more professional feel?

Much love,


2 thoughts on “Dolled in Denim…

  1. I like the denim top with a skirt for other people but I am not on board with the denim on denim trend. I’m really trying to be open-minded, but I think I just like denim best in a pair of jeans.

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