Five Loves…



The perfect spring and summer hat.  I have been on the hunt for one very similar to this – and by on the hunt, I really mean looking at pictures since I have not really made time to go shopping.  I should do something about that.



It is almost blueberry season.  That basically means when I get anything in blueberry flavor that I can – it just tastes so good.  I love the rich color of blueish-purple that has the perfect amount of sweetness and bitterness that kiss perfectly.



How fun and beautiful are these long maxis?!  They scream spring easing into summer and needing to head to a music festival or stroll around the lakes…or maybe that last part is just my six-month cooped-up self is feeling – either way, I want one of these lovely dresses.



These shoes are amazing.  Paired with the super cute pink pants.  Hello spring, I love you and have missed you so is what this stunning combo is saying and I would like to second it – all of it.



I love every aspect of Samantha Hutchinson’s whole look here, but especially those pants.  May I please find a pair for my own and then pair them with a blazer and say it is okay for the office?!!  I totally think I could make that work…and if not, who cares?!  They are hot and would be perfect for an evening or weekend look .  Purchase justified?!  I think so.

Are you getting spring fever?  Is it spring for you yet?  Does spring fever ever translate into your closet getting a little face lift??  What is on the top of your spring shopping list?

Much love,


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