Wish I was There {Coachella}…



As a lover of music, especially live music, art and fashion, it is only natural to find myself daydreaming of being at Coachella, right?!!  I love the free spirit that this amazing festival seems to draw out of everyone.  The bohemian style that covers the grounds is beautiful.  Each person has his or her own look that comes together to create an amazing art piece at this one festival.  It is beautiful.  At least, from what the pictures can show.  I seriously need to start saving and planning so I can go next year.  I know whoever is playing I will enjoy, since the music that is also played at Coachella is totally my style.  I mean look at this year’s lineup – freaking amazing.  Now, join me in my daydream and look at some of these lovies…













Have you ever been to Coachella?  Or going for weekend two starting tomorrow?  Meet me there next year?

Much love,


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