I’m Only Happy when it Rains…



Okay, I certainly am not only happy when it rains, but I sure do love the rain.  It washes away the ick of winter and brings things to life.  Plus, it is a fabulous excuse to wear one of my favorite footing items – rain boots.  When I put on my Hunter rain boots, I feel like I can take on anything – or at least any puddle that may come my way.  Warmer rain is the best because you can jump in the puddles and dance in the rain – there is something truly amazing about being able to let go of any care and embrace that moment that is so exhilarating.  Now, that may not leave you looking the most fashionable, but at least you will have fabulous boots on to go with your soaked look… Rain boots are a more playful boot that allows any woman to let out her inner child by taking a bolder stance with a bright fun color or pattern.  Though classic black even shows a fun side because rain boots in and of themselves give the impression that you are not afraid of a little rain…



Do you have rain boots?  How do you style them?  Do you allow yourself to let go and play in the rain?

Much love,


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