Cuff & Roll…



Spring is here.  It is finally starting to warm up and the snow is melting – it is divine.  That means, it is time for one of my favorite looks for spring and summer.  Cuffed jeans.  Even better when you pair them with heels to give your look a little more class, but I also love a pair of TOMS or Chacos, too – staples for the Minnesota gal.  There is no need to put that favorite pair of jeans away for the warmer months.  If you need a little leg, and I mean a little, roll them up to give them a nice little cuff – it’s perfect.





How do you feel about the cuffed look?  What about for the gents out there?  I personally think this is a look for both genders.

Much love,


4 thoughts on “Cuff & Roll…

  1. I love wearing my denim this way especially when they are too long haha I don’t like cutting them, instead I do this!


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