A Full Free Weekend…



It is Easter weekend and because of that I have a “normal” weekend – aka a weekend off from Yoga Teacher Training.  It is fun to get time to catch up with some friends.  Tomorrow I will be checking out a new church in the AM and then heading to celebrate Easter with some of my friends who have become my family.  I love getting to spend the holidays with them.  However, this year I do have to bring my own food since they are southern and cook holiday meals with butter being the main ingredient, oh well – totally worth it to get to be with them!

What are you doing to celebrate Easter weekend?  Have a great weekend!

Much love,


2 thoughts on “A Full Free Weekend…

  1. Have a fantastic Easter!
    I will be going to a sunrise service at 6am in the local park with Christian friends from my home group and breakfast together afterwards! 🙂 I may also go to a service at my church afterwards, and I have been invited to have lamb dinner with my parents in the afternoon.
    I hope you have a great day celebrating Christ’s love for you and good frendships, keep being the lovely inspiring woman that you are.
    Love Katie xx

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