It’s a Thing {Socks & Sandals}…



Socks and heels is a thing, and now this spring the sandals want in on the fun, too.  Especially when it comes to a good pair of Birkenstocks, which as a northern Minnesota girl I am all about.  It also appears this spring the outdoorsy gals will not be the only ones wearing a more hardy pair of sandals, which our feet will love us for, because they are certainly making a statement.  I love that a very natural and practical sandal can be paired with a cute spring or summer look and still be fashionable.  That is what I call a practical fashionista – and we all know we need a day or two like that!





Will you be rocking the socks and sandals look?  How about with some birks of your own?

Much love,


5 thoughts on “It’s a Thing {Socks & Sandals}…

  1. I don’t think this look is for me, but when done correctly (like in the photos above), it can create a perfect look! Thanks for sharing, B!


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