I Wanna Make This Plain…

Need something a little more chill, or smooth operator if you will, today?!  Then you should really do yourself a favor and check out Rhye’s album Woman.  The whole thing is fabulous.  I have been listening to it almost daily at work for the past week.  A good friend sent it to me because he thought it was right up my alley – and dang, he was right.  I am loving it.  Open is the first track on the album and I had to share that one since it got me right away at the intro.  They say this album is a new mix for the lovers dance floor…just give it a listen and you will understand.   And if you can’t put it to use there, it certainly will help you chill out.  The musicality is smooth and captivating.  If that doesn’t grab you, listen to the lyrics because they are beautiful the way they are strung together and dance over the notes.

What new music have you been introduced to recently?

Much love,


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