Layers of Cream…



Spring is so close to fully showing its face – or so I would like to think and ignore the bitter cold winter that came yet again.  With spring starting to come it has me loving all the layers of cream that come in flowy fabrics that are perfect to create that romantic feel of spring fling loves.  Spring is certainly all about bright fun colors, but there is always room to stay true to the neutrals.  Layer them on – because it is still cold, so we need all the layers we can get.  Lucky for us fashionistas, layered neutrals look fabulous.







Are you leaving room for neutrals this spring?  Or are you all about the colors?

Much love,


5 thoughts on “Layers of Cream…

  1. I`m big on red this season, so I love your top and bottom picture. The historic style flowing sleeves are genius! I`d probably pair them with plum tweed trousers to balance the crazy shape. How would you wear it? (Love the crazy curls, too!)

    • I naturally have the fun crazy curls and have been rocking that a lot more recently. So, I would keep the curls and then put the top with something tight on the bottom to balance the look out – probably keep it simple with black tights, black mini and depending on my mood – black heels or some boots. I would also add some fun gold accessories! Loves. B

      • Hmm, you are right, tight is probably better. If it`s a little longer, tights might be just the thing, though I think that shirt would do wonderfully in the office. I would probably still go with dark purple, just because I love color, but would do straight leg twills or even skinnies for a corporate look. You are definitely right, trousers would be terrible! I would probably go with some glass accent earrings or pearl cuffs, just because I feel like metal would be off there. When I do wear some metal, I tend to prefer bronze, but I have to say I`m the only person I know that likes the metal best!

  2. I’m not too sure about neutrals in my spring wardrobe…it’s already so hot here in Texas that I barely wear many clothes…so I’m practically neutral by showing so much skin! Haha but I think the clothes and color are beautiful! Thanks for sharing (:


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