Meet Me Where You’re Going…

I love supporting local music – I think we all know that by now.  One of my favorite local bands, Cloud Cult, released their new album Love last week after taking a three year break from their last release.  And let me tell you, the wait was worth it because this is a fabulous album.  The only thing better than listening to the album is knowing that I get to see them live at First Ave in just over a month.  Their performances are the most beautiful live music I have ever seen.  They even have live painting going on during the show and then sell the paintings after the show.

I chose to share Meet Me Where You’re Going because this song melts my heart and brings out my inner helpless romantic.  I often am not the most optimistic about finding love for myself, but when I hear songs like this one it makes me think maybe someday, somewhere, someone…  The line that gets me is right away in the first line – “Meet me where you’re going, cuz I wanna be going where you are.  Teach me what you’re knowing, cuz I wanna be knowing who you are.”  Pretty much sums up what I want – after that the song only gets better.

Who is your favorite local artist?  Who are you seeing live next?

Much love,


One thought on “Meet Me Where You’re Going…

  1. Yeah, you def would like SXSW, since you love music so much! It still isn’t too late to come on down to Texas! haha Thanks for sharing (:

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