Breathe in Deep…



I am back in the studio this weekend.  I seriously cannot put into words how much I am loving Yoga Teacher Training.  I keep learning so much – so much more than the names of poses in Sanskrit, though that is pretty amazing, too.  It is amazing how only after one week of some of these life changes – the biggest being Vegan (I was already a vegetarian, but still challenging) and sober – have had such a positive impact on my body and mind.  This is only the beginning of the journey – I need to keep going back to the breath to keep going.

Have you ever done a cleanse?  What were some of the biggest changes you noticed in your body?  Was it hard to introduce things back in? 

Much love,


One thought on “Breathe in Deep…

  1. I’ve done the master and a fruits and veggies cleanse. I wouldn’t do the master again but I felt great on the fruits and veggies! It was hard to introduce dairy back in- my body wasn’t too happy so I’ve pretty much stayed away from it. Isn’t teachers training amazing?! I just finished my 299 hr and want to get my 500 hr 😛

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