Party On Your Pants…



Have you seen this trend popping up everywhere like fresh little blooms?!  That’s right, lovies, printed denim is all the rage this spring.  The best part is, it is a trend that does not have to break the bank because there are great options at Target and Forever 21, and then also at Gap – and all the way to Nordstrom.  Whatever is your price point and preference – you’ve got options.  My only problem is limiting myself – there so many fabulous prints and colors – how do you only choose one?!







How do you feel about the printed pant trend?  Are you going to join in on this party?

Much love,


2 thoughts on “Party On Your Pants…

  1. I love fun pants!! And I CANNOT wait until I get to wear regular pants again instead of maternity. Only wearing basic black pants or jeans is killing me with all the fun pants options out now. I’d really like to buy a pair of light teal pants. And these patterns would be great too. Soon….

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