Final Freebie…for Awhile…


This is my last free weekend for awhile, but no worries – it is completely a result of my own doing.  Next weekend, I start the venture of Yoga Teach Training with two of my favorite yogis leading the way.  I feel so blessed to get to have this experience.  From what it will do for me growing deeper personally, to help me keep pursuing my dream of not always living in the States (can we say Bali here I come?!!), to equipping me to get to share my love of yoga with others – so much joy!!  These two lovely ladies have blessed my life so much already, and they continue to – seriously, this has not been an easy process to get me here, but it has been so good and humbling and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  With that, I better get out there and enjoy my last Saturday to frolic about – the bestie and I are going to a show tonight.  Our good friend, Sarah Winters is opening tonight at the Fine Line and then playing with Who?  Cannot wait to see her pretty face!!  Love when the Minnesota natives come back to visit those they left behind 🙂


Are you still chasing your dreams – even if it scares you?  How so?  What is your craziest/scariest dream you want before you die?

Much love,


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