Warming those Legs…



Not sure about where you are these days, but it is freezing here!  Just when it seemed like it was going to warm up, the wind came rushing through cooling this place back off to the frozen tundra it seems to become ever bitter cold February.  How do I forget every year that this is the coldest month of the year in MN?!  Oh well, thankfully layering can still be stylish and cute.  I love layers.  I especially have been loving using my leg warmers more as of late.  They are like little sweaters wrapped around my legs – and that is completely fabulous.  It also give me a way to still wear cute fun heels without freezing my feet.  And you cannot go wrong in pairing leg warmers with boots.


How do you feel about leg warmers?  Do you love them or are they too 80’s for you?

Much love,


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