Five Loves…



I love her hair.  I love her hair so much that the other night when I laid eyes on it I immediately scheduled a hair appointment for an ombre treatment to my locks.  I have had grown out blonde chunky highlights for son long, it seemed like the best idea to change up my look some.  When I get inspiration, I go with it, instantly.



I love tattoos and have been craving another.  Specifically, one on my mid back like this. I would prefer a design similar to this but more with an elephant in it, I know shocking – I want an elephant tattoo.  This is serving as inspiration to get on the designing of my next one…



Her look is stylish, chic and simple.  A lovely lady inspiring me this fine Friday.



Winter refuses to leave.  So, I am taking this photo and using it as my inspiration to go have fun and play in the snow.  Have to make the most out of everything, right?!!

photo (38)


I am absolutely obsessed with these stunning new shoes that I simply had to have the other day when I laid eyes on them.  I still was on the hunt for the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit.  These little gems were the perfect inspiration to be the muse for my whole look, so naturally I had to purchase them – plus, I got 20% off for having on red (which happened to be a pair of Christmas socks due to it being laundry day – worked out well for me)!!

What are you drawing inspiration from this week and loving?

Much love,


2 thoughts on “Five Loves…

  1. I love your new hairdo!! That photo is gorgeous, I would have done the same thing! And the effortless style in the third photo is stunning. I’m drawing inspiration from everything pink and red still, because it’s too fun to give up just yet 🙂 Have a fabulous weekend in those fabulous new shoes!

    ❤ Josephine

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