Happy Valentines Day, Lovies…



Happy Valentines Day, lovies!!  Hope you find a way to share your love today no matter if you have that special someone as your Valentine or if you share it with a group of your dear friends.  After a full day at work, I will be heading to a dinner party with some friends and then going to one of my favorite places in the city for cocktails with a few of my favorite single ladies.  We will be looking gorgeous in our shades of red and pink, celebrating love and sharing it with one another.  It has been a long standing tradition to go out with my girlfriends on Vday, and this year it is even more important to celebrate with all the new singleness that seems to have hit our group – but that is alright, because what’s more fun than a group of single ladies?!  A group of newly single ladies, that is what!





Do you have plans for Valentines Day?  How will you be celebrating?  What will you be wearing?

Much love,


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