Wild Child…

Okay, so meet Wild Child – my new obsession.  I love their sound so much.  Think The Head and the Heart or Of Monsters and Men or The Lumineers – aka, pretty much my favorites these days.  Give me a folk sound with a guy and girl with raw voices and you pretty much have me swooning.  The other day I was doing what I do every few hours – checking Instagram, and one of my friends who I greatly respect his taste in music posted this fabulous album cover.  The cover alone convinced me I would love them – and by no means did it let me down.  Seriously, I cannot get enough of this album.  This song is Pillow Talk, which is the title track to the album.  I have not picked out my exact favorite yet, but this is a good one – as well as Day Dreamer and Wiskey Dreams.  Maybe you have already heard of them, since they have been around for awhile, but I am just getting on the bandwagon and don’t think I will be getting off any time soon.  So talented. They have been spending the last couple of weeks in the studio, so I am excited what will come from them in 2013.  If you are in the Austin area, go out and see them – for the rest of us, maybe we should just go to Austin?!!  That would be fun…

Who or what is your latest music discovery? Would you ever take a trip just to see a band play?  

Much love,


One thought on “Wild Child…

  1. I haven’t really discovered much music lately…though I found a song by Queen that I never head of before, “I want to break free,” and it just touches me and I feel what they’re singing! I loved your post – keep up the good work (;


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