Five Loves…



This is an MTV promo and I am obsessed with it.  My roommates make fun of me because every time it comes on the screen I have a mini freak out about how magical this scene is.  Seriously, I could stare at it for hours and just get lost in the forest with the little creatures.



So, here is the reason why I get to see that lovely little promo ad so often.  Underemployed.  My new favorite show.  My girlfriends and I are obsessed with it.  Maybe it is the whole being able to relate to at least one of the story lines or the fact that it is set in Chicago – midwest represent – or maybe it is just because it is all around fabulous.  Check it out.



These shirts are fabulous, and the fact that they go to a good cause (multiple sclerosis (MS) research) makes me love them so much more.  I personally love that the period falls pretty much right where Duluth is, my hometown.  I basically need to have this shirt, consider it ordered.  You can get your state here.



This outfit on this man – pretty please?!!  I girl is not asking too much – actually, can I just have this outfit to put on a different man?  That would be perfect in my eyes.



It is officially February – you know what that means, bring on the celebration of love!!  My favorite holiday is just around the corner so I will be celebrating all month long with heart shaped everything.  Starting with these lavender shortbread cookies – can we say yum?!!

Happy February loves, what are you loving?? Have you watched Underemployed?

Much love,


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