Restless Heart…

Matt Hires is amazing.  I seriously love the sound he has.  A man with a good voice and a guitar – yes, and throw in catchy lyrics – I am humming along for sure.  It has been an interesting week amongst my group of girlfriends – breakups left and right.  There is something about this song that has been comforting for us to play in the mix that we dance around the house in, along with some Kate Nash – now, she knows how to write a breakup song.

Do breakups seem to happen in masses around you?  What are your favorite breakup songs?

On the Matte…



Having your nails freshly done is always a fabulous feeling.  It feels fresh, fun and put together.  My default is always a bright shiny red – I love it so much.  However, recently it has been bitterly cold and all I find myself drawn to are more dull colors.  So, naturally it has to be expressed somewhere in my attire – which today is on my nails.  I recently bought a matte top coat for my nails and I LOVE it – it is perfect for these bitterly cold wintery days.





What are your thoughts on matte nails?  Are you embracing this trend?

Much love,


Warming Up in Winter White…


When living in the frozen tundra, which recently it has been living up to its name, it is important to find ways to stay warm while not sacrificing on style.  Personally, I find layers are extremely helpful, and recently there is something so warm and cozy about winter white that I have been crushing on.  When a color embodies warmth it helps me feel more warm and cozy in it.  I wouldn’t mind cuddling up by the fire in my winter whites – that is my kind of winter.







How do you stay warm when it gets cold?  Are you a lover of winter whites?

Much love,


Over the Shoulder…



Recently there seems to be a trend taking the streets by storm.  Ladies are wearing their jackets and blazers, but in a less conventional way and letting a little more creative look shine through.  The look is to wear the jacket or blazer on your shoulders.  It has a cape feel to it.  I am loving the trend – and think it is only going to be better with the weather (hopefully sooner rather than later) warming up.







What do you think of the trend of wearing your blazer or jacket on the shoulder?  Does it work with your style?

Much love,


Warming Up the House…

photo (37)


I have been a home owner for six months now.  So, naturally, it is about time I open the doors and warm this place up with the love of my friends.  I love hosting events, and am fining I love even more getting to host at my house.  So, loves, wish you were all here in Minneapolis so I could have you over tonight to help warm up this house with us!

What are your plans for the night?

Much love,


Five Loves…



I am obsessed with this look.  It is so hott and I want to wear every single piece of it!



I adore the simple little details in life – especially this little bow on the back of this sweater.  Simply stunning.



I would most likely never wear a big tulle skirt out and about, but I just love how fun it looks.  I like how it is styled with this simple tee so it is not too over the top.



I love how cute she is all bundled up.  I love even more that pop of red lips.



How cute is this?!  I may not love snow, but I sure love this cute look for the snow.

What looks are you loving this week?  Are you feeling simple details or extravagant?

Much love,


Professional Comfy…



There are just some days when you wake up in the morning and you are not feeling the whole professional thing, yet you still have to make your way into the office.  This is basically the feeling I had this morning after a fun, long night out last night on a date.  It was totally worth it, but I am certainly needing something comfier today.  So, I like to turn to a bigger sweater with simple slacks or pants that are a little big and a loose blouse tucked in topped with a blazer.  You still look chic and put together, but are not forfeiting your comfort.





How do you style your cozy days that need to look professional?

Much love,


Tying My Shoes…

Last Thursday I went to see one of my favorite artists – Caroline Smith.  She is the cutest gal with one of the most fabulous and unique voices.  I love her little spicy self that is not afraid to express all of her emotions in her lyrics, like this classic, Tying My Shoes.  And she is even cooler because she is a Midwestern gal, just like myself.  Now, I just need to get my record player so I can listen to her on vinyl – she would sound perfect on vinyl.

Do you get ready for a show by listening to the artist?  OR are you the type that listens to the artist on repeat post the show?  I am totally the latter.

Much love,