Time to Reset…



Now most people do the whole reset thing on New Year’s day.  The yogis, we wait a couple weeks.  Today, we hit reset as we kick off our 30-days of yoga.  I love that it starts by working your body and getting deeper inside to help you be reflective.  The changes from within shine out more beautifully than any change of clothes ever could.  I love how refreshed one day of yoga makes me feel, so I am pretty excited to see what 30 days will do.  It is starting at the perfect time for me, I have been doing a lot of reflecting, so it can all come together now…







How are you doing with your resolutions?  Have you ever committed to doing something for a certain amount of time?  How did it go for you?  Did it change you?

Much love,


5 thoughts on “Time to Reset…

  1. I have started my 30 days today actually! I left it for awhile, because I just could not connect with me. But now, today after my time in the mat…I can finally breathe and affirm with myself again! Thank you for sharing. mb

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