The Everyday Crown…


What girl didn’t want to be a princess with a crown when she was a little girl?!  Well, you may not have gotten the crown you wanted, but there is a far better functional option  – a hat.  And the best part about this more everyday type of crown, is that there are so many fabulous styles you can change it up – even daily if you wish.  I know I certainly would if I could, though my default in the winter is always my gray fedora with a couple feathers.  I love wearing it to the office – it is like my trademark.  I recently discovered a fabulous hat store in Uptown – and I think it is a little piece of heaven on earth – seriously, fabulous.  A hat makes a statement and makes a woman stand out.  So, she may not be a princess, but she can still be rather spectacular – no matter what mood she is in to sport for the day.





Do you wear hats?  What is your favorite style?

Much love,


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