Feeling Girly…



This morning when I got up, all I could think is, “Eep – I am so excited – it is totally a girly day!!”  Now, don’t think I got all cray cray, yes, I know it is Monday.  BUT, it is also the Monday that ends with the kick-off of hosting girls night in for The Bachelor.  Every season is filled with champagne toasts, girly fashion comments (some of the ladies have interesting choices…), and gushing (in a ladylike way of course) over the lovely bachelor, and this year is no let down!

Women really have the upper hand when it comes to business attire.  We have so many options – and today I am especially loving that by being more dolled up in a dress and heels, perfectly soft curls in my hair, paired with a fun bright lip.  You know, to help keep me in the girly mood all day long (I am even working pink into my yoga outfit for after work).




Will you be watching The Bachelor this evening?  What are your favorite girls’ night in things to do?

Much love,



2 thoughts on “Feeling Girly…

  1. I don’t watch the Bachelor BUT on girl’s nights my room mate and I pop open a bottle of pressecco, make an amazing dinner and watch Sex and the City Re-runs all night! ahh I miss that show 🙂

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