Five Loves…


With it being the start of a new year, I have taken time to reflect on what I want to see change in my life.  So this week’s five loves are inspired by my five resolutions.  The first being stepping out and finding a new church home – there is something about this photo that I love, plus I love her hat, as she braves the cold and snow and heads out to where ever the road may take her…


I love elephants.  A lot.  We all know that by now, and this year I hopefully will get to ride one in his or her’s natural environment in Thailand!!  I cannot wait – I am so excited.  I love travel and it has been far to long since I have gotten my passport stamped.



I love vegetables – especially organic ones, they just taste better.  That plays into part of my third resolution, which is to have better respect for my body.  A big part of that is in what I decide to put into it.  I already am fairly aware of what I eat, but I like most any other woman love chocolate and coffee a little too much – and other things in the likes that counteract all the healthy eating.  This also allows me to keep yoga as a priority because that also aids in the respect for my body.

photo (36)

I love reading, but seemed to not do a lot of it this past year.  I let my life get busy with other things, and found myself to really be missing books.  So, I have already started this lovely book, TrueFaced, – I have heard fabulous things and cannot wait to get into it more.



I love seeing people in love – and I would love for 2013 to be the year I start dating my one true love.

What are your resolutions going into 2013?  If you don’t set resolutions, do you set goals or something to help you call out what you want to change in life?

Much love,


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