Five Loves…



We all know I love yoga – and I love doing yoga wherever, whenever I need to – and sometimes that happens to be in public.  This girl has a beautiful bird of paradise – one of my favorite poses.



Simple string of lights to add warmth and beauty to a space.  Oh I adore this and cannot wait until it warms up to be back sitting under the lights on a back patio…



Loving these fancy pants SO much!  There is something about a crop pant in a pattern that I have been adoring lately – fun for a night out, but classy enough for the office – love that.



I have been loving having a slower work week to enjoy sipping some coffee to help keep me stay warm in the bitter cold – and I think that these two day work weeks are really a great idea?!  Anyone else?!!



I absolutely LOVE giving gifts.  I love the process of picking out something special for someone and getting to add a little smile to someone’s face.  This whole week I have been able to stretch out the giving season by celebrating Christmas longer with friends, and I have loved every moment of it.

Have you had to work this week?  What did you do with your free time if you had it off?  Do you love giving gifts?

Much love,


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