Emerald City…


Every year Pantone selects a new color of the year.  For 2013, they have declared Emerald to be the color of the year.  So get ready my loves, we will be living in an emerald city and all red heads will be glowing – as this is a color owned by them.  We all can embrace this color trend, but the women that own it so stunningly is certainly the gingers.   Emerald also works well with today being Christmas Eve and all – why not start by embracing the trend tonight at whatever gathering you find yourself off to?  I know I certainly could wear my emerald blouse I got two years ago from Paris – who knew I was so ahead of the times?!  Glad I finally will have more excuses to wear it than just on St. Patty’s day at the office (you know how I love subtly dressing up for the holidays – ok, with the exception of my annual Valentine’s Day outfit – the rest are subtle…).




Do you follow the color of the year trends?  How do you feel about working emerald into your style?

Much love,


3 thoughts on “Emerald City…

  1. Merry Christmas B! Have a great one.
    I’ve not heard of this colour of the year before but it’s a nice idea. I have a very shiny green emerald kind of dress which has been in the wardrobe for a long time that I braved wearing for a Christmas meal with my boyfriend on Saturday!
    Katie x

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