Five Loves…

photo (31)


Having all of my presents wrapped and under the tree – I simply love the way it spills joy into the room.  I made sure to get wrapping paper that coordinated with my decor both for the holidays and every day life.

photo (32)


Having the stockings hung over the fire place and garland to frame the top.  It is lovely and so homey – they crazy part to me, still, is that this is MY home.  Love that.  I seriously was so excited to decorate the fireplace for Christmas when I first feel in love with the house – in July.

photo (33)


Late nights is to enjoy time with the roommates and over course the lovely and oh so cray cray, Willow.  The little punk found one of her Christmas presents and even took it out the wrapper.  She was loving it so much I could not take it away from her.  I guess like mother, like daughter?!!  I may have been guilty of this once upon a time…

photo (34)


Getting to listen to one of my favorite bands, Band of Horses, on vinyl.  How can I not be in love?!  And this is pretty much a picture of part of my Christmas list – I love vinyl and it’s about time I start building my own collection.

photo (35)


Oh look at her.  How can you not love her?!!  Though, to be completely honest I was livid to find her climbing in the Christmas tree – but then she looked at me so sweetly I couldn’t help but laugh.  Though seriously, she was almost half way up the tree – it was unreal.

So this week I felt like sharing some of my loves from closer to home, aka my home.  What are you loving from your home life recently? Have you decorated for the holidays?

Much love,


2 thoughts on “Five Loves…

  1. I love that your wrapping paper coordinates with everything! And your stockings hung on the mantle–I miss that about my parents’ house. Someday! I have a pink tree I still need to decorate, but can’t wait till I have the room for a real one! Love these photos 🙂 Start working on that vinyl collection, girl! Electric Fetus seemed to have everything.

    ❤ Josephine

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