Glee on Repeat…

So, it is the fourth season of Glee and I really think I am falling more and more in love this season.  I loved when they first did a Fun. song last season, but their version of Some Nights I cannot get enough of.  Seriously.  I have the link saved on my iPhone and plug it into my car daily and belt it out – the harmonies are amazing.  It takes me back to my good old choir days and we would play around with songs – we didn’t have a glee club, but we sure were choir dorks (at least behind the choir doors -we were much like the New Directions in the sense we brought together multiple clicks – it was a good time).  So, instead of showing you something new and fun this week – I am sharing something that is fun and has brought me so much joy the last couple of weeks.  Hope you enjoy, too!

Do you watch Glee?  What is your favorite number by them?

Much love,


2 thoughts on “Glee on Repeat…

  1. B!! I love this season of Glee the most too!!! Basically anything Rachel sings- I love! On my repeat: “Give Your Heart a Break” and “New York State of Mind” 🙂

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