Do or Don’t {Sheer Blouse}…


Now, there is something very feminine about a sheer blouse.  I love it’s seductive draw.  You are covered, yet not fully at the same time since you can see through the fabric.  Typically, a sheer fabric gives off a soft appeal – both to look at and feel on yourself.  I personally enjoy the look – it allows my inner Carrie Bradshaw come out, as she always did love styling her black bra with her ensembles.   It may be a little on the edgy side, so I would not suggest wearing this look to the office – especially if you work in a land of conservatives, like myself – but for an evening out on the town it is very chic.



So my loves, do you do or don’t the sheer blouse trend?  How do you style it?

Much love,


5 thoughts on “Do or Don’t {Sheer Blouse}…

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