Five Loves…

I love fashion books – I serisously would fill all the sapce on my book shelves if I had a budget to.  I have a thing for coffee table books in general, but as a lover of fashion, am drawn to these even more.  Need. To. Stop. Buying. Myself. Christmas. Presents…

I am loving this combination so much – it is soft meets hard.  Love when what normally seems like a contradiction comes together to work perfectly.

Men, just say yes.  Please.  These boots are so hot and you should do yourself a favor and get a pair.  Just sayin…

The perfect stolcking stuffer.  Burt’s Bees, how I love thee.  When the air turns dry and crisp, your sweetness meets my lips and skin to soothe and nurture me.  It will be love at first touch, I promise.

How does this not put a smile on your face?!!  Freaking love this kid – and love that this little hipster fashionista even goes by the name of Eleanor.  Picture of the future one day?!!  I sure hope so…with a few other things in place first, of course…

What got you through the week?  Does anyone else feel like the full week back from a holiday week or vacation drags on?

Much love,


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