No Tell…

This song, No Tell, by Smoke & Jackal has such an amazing sound that it grabbed me right away one night as I was driving through the city.  Then, I started listening to it more – like really listening to it.  It made me so sad.  It made me sad because it is a story that seems to be far too true these days about so many girls.  Why does our culture have everyone growing up so fast and doing things they are not ready to do?!!  How does that happen when really everyone would be cool with slowing things back down a bit and enjoying the innocence.  It is an interesting concept to think about – and maybe you aren’t one who analyzes lyrics, which is fine.  In that case, here is another fun song for you to listen to and drown out the noise around you.  I mean it is a great EP and worth checking out.

Do you analyze lyrics?  What was the last song you were loving and then you really heard the lyrics and found them to be more disturbing?

Much love,


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