Party Time {Office Party}…

Tis the season to head out to party after party.  The holidays are a fun time, for most – most of the time.  And when they aren’t so fun, there is always your special egg nog to help out.  With all sorts of parties filling up your schedule, it is time to start planning that perfect look for each event.  Because let’s be honest, loves, we cannot wear the same look to each event – simply because the dress code (though it is unwritten) is very differnt.  Today we will focus on the crowd favorite – the office party.  It can be fun, but it can also be oh so awkward – it is forced fun with the people you spend the majority of your time with – it is like suddenly we are all best friends?!  Though, coworkers drinking is humorous to watch – and allows for you to see a whole other side of them.  Or maybe you do your office party at the office – then you get to experience Great Aunt Susie’s favorite cookie recipe and hear how it is the best thing ever.  Either way, you want to look festive but still keep it professional – afterall, these are your coworkers and not your BFF’s.  For an evening event a little black dress is always my favorite go to for an office holiday party.  If it is an event at the office or midday, I think wearing a sweater with some red in it or a subtle sparkle is great – it gives the festive feel without being the over the top – I mean unless the reindeer sweater with jingle bells is your thing…



Does your office have a holiday party?  What will you be wearing to the event this year?

Much love,


2 thoughts on “Party Time {Office Party}…

  1. I agree with Josephine – love that first look! Our office hasn’t had a holiday party in the past (beyond a potluck at work) and I can’t say I’m necessarily looking forward to it if they have one this year since I can’t drink, but I would probably go with the more casual approach, since they tend to be right after work.

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