All Flared Out…


Now, don’t get me wrong – I am a lover of skinnies.  However, recently when I am feeling a little more classy and less hipster I am totally drawn to my flares.  A perfect fitting, dark wash flare makes ANY woman look hott.  Seriously – they are so flattering.  Pair them with some heels and a top of your choice  – you will certainly be getting some compliments!



What is your take on flare jeans?  Do you have one style of jean that you stick to?  What is it?

Much love,


5 thoughts on “All Flared Out…

  1. I like straight cut with a nice fit at the ankle or skinny. I must confess I have two pairs of dark flared jeans which have barley been worn at all. I’m the same with trousers, there’s something about then that doesn’t feel quite me, the flapping at the angle irritates me a little. Perhaps it’s just a matter of what to wear them with, heels a silk blouse and a smart coat could make then work for me. Perhaps I’ll challenge myself to try wearing them this season!!

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