The world around us is always inspiring us.  Sometimes, we are more in tune with this inspiration – we are aware of its affect on us.  Other times, we are going about our daily lives and thinking nothing of how the things around us inspire our decisions.  The last 24 hours I have had heightened awareness of this inspiration.  I have these days when everything feels more real – the beautiful things cause for more joy and inspire me to embrace the beauty of life…and on the flip side, the ugly, hurtful things sting more and the pain feels more real.  I am never sure what sets those days off, but when they come I have found one thing I do is look for the beauty to be inspired rather than dwelling on the pain (though, I know I have to deal with that, too – but I save those posts for here).  So, here are some of the looks that are currently inspiring me…



I seem to be drawn to black – especially black leather skinnies these days.  Seriously, they are so hott and I need a pair.

What is inspiring you?  Do you have days that life seems to hit you a little harder – both the good and the bad?

Much love,


3 thoughts on “Inspired…

  1. I defintiely try to focus more on the pretty than the ugly in life but you’re right there are some days where it rears its ugly head. I have to say it already happened to me this morning but you’ve brightened things up for me with these gorgeous images. And black leather skinnies are a must! I’m on the hunt too 🙂

    Hope your new job is going well! xoxo

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