Five Loves…


I am loving loafers and really wanting a pair to put on my happy feet.


Having a week to turn this house into a lovely place to call home has been so fun.  I seriously could put up pictures of every room for my five loves, but I need to make sure everything is perfect before I do a house post – but I promise to show you soon!  It really is coming along and has been so fun to get settled.


Okay, autumn may not be everything, but it certainly is pretty great.  It has been even better to have a week to enjoy these fabulous aspects of autumn.


Let’s lay under the stars – which may have to be all sorts of lights when in the city – and go away to our dream world together.  It is a magical place where poetry is reality and we are without all the complications – now that would be lovely.


And that is exactly what I have had this week – and the most beautiful part about it, it was here in Minneapolis – right where I call home.  For those of you that have known me for awhile know that is a big deal for me to say – so big that we might as well call it a miracle.  Love that.

What are you doing to enjoy autumn and the beauty around you?

Much love,


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