Save or Splurge {The Flat}…


Okay.  So, I have a serious dilema on my hands…do I save or splurge?!  At my job, some days it is best to have on flats because I am running around one of my clinics and on my feet all day.  Thus, it is best to have a great pair of flats to throw on when my little feet need a break from the heels.  Which then brings me to my next issue, which pair of flats does a girl choose?!  The amazing Tory Burch flats she has longed for since who knows how long?  Or the reasonably priced pair that resembles the Tory Burch pair?!

So, splurge…



…or, save…


So my loves, I need your hel – do I save or splurge?!

Much love,



6 thoughts on “Save or Splurge {The Flat}…

  1. I say, splurge any time it’s a good supportive (and cute) shoe. Save money somewhere else. You need to walk on those feet forever!

  2. Splurge. My Tory flats have lasted me years, and I fully intend to take them to get resoled when they need it, as I just did with another pair that I literally walked through. George’s Skate Shop in St. Paul will make them like new, and the comfort (and bonus points for that gorgeous logo :)) will make them so worth it 🙂

    ❤ Josephine

  3. 1. THANK GOD we finally have a cool designer alumnae to answer to the Kappas’ Kate Spade with. I couldn’t have dreamed up someone cooler if I tried.
    2. I ADORE MY REVAS. But (and this is a HUGE but), tons of people (present company included) find them just terrifically painful to break in. It’s a months long process. I could never give mine up but just know that there is a physical cost to them (like, we are talking worse than heels).

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